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About FancyBands

I have lived in many locations across Canada supporting my husband’s career so I’ve has seen a lot of markets across the country throughout the years. Connecting with local artists, crafters, designers and many other creative people, I always fancied creating my own custom work. One thing I never saw was a custom made-to-order comfortable hairband – so when my old hairband fell apart I decided to start making them.

 Now, you get to benefit from my passion for creativity and love of a comfortable hairband. I can’t wait to create something just for you.


Lisa Levesque



What We Make


Polka Dots are timeless. We can make them just for you – and we have different colour combinations also.


Solid colours in different finishes. We have too many different variations to list here. Check out the store for more details.


Of course, we have fancier stuff to match different occasions – casual or more formal.

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Custom Handmade Hairbands for Every Occasion
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Summer ’19 Collection

What we do

Handmade Hairbands Created With Love

Our main focus is hairbands for every fancy occasion you can think of. 


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20% OFF Wedding Collection

Want to Custom order FancyBands for your wedding party? We will take special orders up until 2 weeks before your event – minimum quantities and advanced payments required .